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GUNTHER Handwoven Chenille Scarves
Hand made in Abingdon VA
John Gunther

Gunther scarves are made from high quality chenille yarn.  Hand washing is highly recommended for a hand woven scarf to give it a long life.  In this manner, you will also protect your fringe from fraying and tangling and are not exposing your facial skin to dry cleaning chemicals, especially around your neck.  Use a mild detergent such as hair or baby shampoo.  Fabric softener in the rinse water is optional.  Hang to dry. - note: never put your scarf in the dryer as it will fray your fringe. You need to protect your fringe.

You may iron your garment on a steam heat setting.  It is normal for your scarf to feel flat and stiff after cleaning it, but this will disappear quickly after you wear it.  The more you wear and handle your scarf, the plush and lushness of the chenille will return.  Your Gunther scarf is ready to wear again and again.  Enjoy!

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