The Best Romantic Dinner in KL Place For Couple

Are you in trouble to decide where to have your romantic dinner with your beloved one? Yes, the Marble 8 romantic dinner venue can make your dating to a whole new experience, and give aa chance to know each other better than ever.

If the place is comfortable enough for both of you, then you can share your feeling about each other, and you will be easy to handle the relationship. This is also the reason why some of the best dating places are necessary to give your love life a new path.

You should also remember that this place should be close to you so that you can get there without any inconvenience. Here is some of the best place you can prefer and pick for a perfect dating.

romantic dinner in kl

Bar & restaurant

When you decided to have a romantic dating with your girlfriend after work, then you can try to select the sky bar, or it also can be the best western restaurant in Malaysia. You can make something special experience for your dating by wearing a formal suit with your lover and enjoy the fine gourmet in Kuala Lumpur.

To have a romantic dating, the ambience of the dating venue is very important. Some of the western restaurants in Kuala Lumpur even claimed as the best place candlelight dinner for a couple. You can research the steak house in Kuala Lumpur, and check out the availability in advance to avoid any uncertainty happen.

After dinner, you can also bring your lover to the sky bar. No idea about which sky bar is best for both of you? Then, you can try to survey the rating of sky bar through searching online or ask the detail from your friend who has been there before. Enjoy the beautiful sky view of the city with your lover in the sky bar definitely will increase the bonding of each other.

romantic dinner kuala lumpur


You can think of all kinds of place to have your romantic dinner, but what if you have not enough budget, then making your dating at home could be the ideal one. It can be completely different from dating at home, and you can prepare everything you want. From the table setting, music, lighting, and of course you can also cook by yourself. Sometimes a simple thing can be meaningful as well, show your genuine to your lover by cooking the dinner by yourself also can strike her heart as well.

Art gallery

If you are living in KL, you probably can enjoy the art gallery with your lover. Dating is a cool art gallery could be one of the best places to be close to your lover. Praise great works of art with your lover, you can get an ideal place to spend time with her. 

romantic dining in kl

Café shop

Dating in a café shop with your lover has an advantage because most coffee shops are designed to facilitate intimate conversation, which is exactly what you want when you date. You can stay in a café shop with your lover for 2 hours and exiting the date that doesn’t will feel awkward or forced.


No place can be having dating at the beach. It will be very nice if you can invite your lover to the beach. Your girlfriend will definitely find it romantic if you set up the venue for a romantic dinner.

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