Enjoy Finest Japanese Cuisine At 5 Star Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Japanese cuisine has become of the top choice for tourist and Malaysians when it comes to dining preference and looking for the 5-stars stay in Kuala Lumpur. One dead giveaway you could spot for restaurant authenticity is the presentation of the food.

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As the best hotels in Malaysia has the same amount of effort given to the presentation and the taste. You can expect to enjoy both at the same time. Besides that, you will notice an authentic Japanese restaurant in KL often has a less-is-more approach.

Which the hotel buffet in KL is smaller in portion compared to the usual eateries you can find outside. These dishes often come in individualized servings.

What Can You Look For In Quality?

One good indicator of good food for hotel buffet dinner promotion is the price. As price tends to reflect the quality of the food. If you are seeking authentic Japanese cuisine that has variety, you may be disappointed as they don’t have much in quantity.

There is a balance in the pricing that shows as much the food itself if you have a quality dish at a quite quality and hotel event space price.

One of the unique properties of Japanese fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur is that smaller plates are placed in a symmetrical pattern. Which accented by palette-cleansing garnishments such as daikon radish. Japanese cuisine focuses extensively on the decoration of food. Thus, you can find raw ingredients such as carrot and mushroom are carved with specific patterns to accent the presentation.

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Sauce or No Sauce

Interesting enough, a Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur often don’t serve much sauce with the food. Notice how little or no sauce is provided along with your dish plate? Often sushi looks fresh and untouched by anything but itself, not drenched in sauce or anything.

It is likely because the wedding hotel packages Kuala Lumpur believed that the fish or the main ingredients are in the best quality. Thus, less sauce means more faith in the flavour and freshness of the fish. Paying sushi at a higher price point signifies the food is so good that you won’t need anything else with it.

Origin Flavor and Ingredients

Authentic Japanese food doesn’t bomb many flavours and ingredients at once onto a single dish. As the Japanese culture considers cooking to be as much an art form of painting or writing.

These chefs believe that there are much more to the dining experience than tossing massive amount of food onto the plate. Hence, most Japanese food restaurant offers a presentation that sticks to a set of guidelines and traditions.

Here Are Some of The Benefits Ordering Sushi at Hotel:

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First and foremost, sushi is an excellent choice for lean food selection. Sushi is crowned that it is healthy and perfectly fits for those who are looking to achieve a better body physique.

Compare to Malaysian dishes or traditional Chinese dishes at InterContinental KL restaurant, Japanese food is not bathed in butter and heavily seasoned.

Do you know Omega 3 fatty acids is useful to you? Your body requires essential fatty acids that often not consumed enough in the modern diet. Thus, sushi, the food that serves most with seafood, become a supplement one of a kind providing your body essential fats. Healthy fats are better choices compare to other fats that don’t support good cardiovascular health.

Eating sushi at a restaurant can be considered as eating art. Most of the food is plated artistically. Real work of art can be applied to sushi, as the menu are made by the chef that trained for decades.

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