Pattaya and Bangkok Tour: Experience of Beauty of the Melting Culture Pots

Pattaya is a beautiful land that is just one and a half hours away from Bangkok. As you know, Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. Pattaya is a city that attracts huge numbers of visitors from various parts of the world every year. You will not fail to get an ideal Pattaya beach resort depending on your budget and personal preferences.

The city has established itself to become one of the most admired destinations globally. It is a renowned destination for its amazing nightlife that stands out as the best in the entire region of Thailand. The other thing that you stand to enjoy when visiting this city is the bbq seafood buffet Pattaya.

·         The Temperature of Pattaya

The temperature of Pattaya is generally high throughout the year. It basically ranges from 21 to 35 degrees Celsius. To get to Pattaya, you have to fly to Bangkok from your local airport. The city is well known for its serene and calm environment and is away from the bustle and hustle. If you get the terminal 21 hotel, you can be sure of getting the best moments in the city.

·         Entertainment Facilities

The city has something that can appeal to at least everyone and one of the best parts about Pattaya is the nightlife. Pattaya has so many offers and it has several options for family entertainment. So many young people travel to Pattaya and the city has ample entertainment facilities for each category of visitors.

Therefore, you can be sure of enjoying yourself to the fullest especially when you choose to visit the best beach hotel. It is one of the best destinations in Thailand and you can experience the culture and history of the city in this place. It has enough tourist attractions to make your night and day full of life.

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·         Best Time to Tour Pattaya

The best time for you to enjoy life in Pattaya is when dusk starts to fall. The nightlife of Pattaya is famous internationally because there is a party atmosphere all over the city. It is a city that has everything from discos, pubs, and even restaurants. You can also get transsexual cabaret, go-go bars, and many more. You can get to taste the seafood buffet as you continue with your visit to this area.

·         The Walking Street

One of the most popular places to visit in South Pattaya is the walking street. The area has so many massage parlours that you can visit and we have large numbers of people who visit the place. You will also come across several eateries and bars that will add to the fun. It will give you an excellent opportunity to taste the bbq seafood buffet in Pattaya.

·         Central and North Pattaya

There are so many visitors in central Pattaya and you will get a much more refined atmosphere in this place. When here, you can always visit the terminal 21 hotel for a special treat. North Pattaya is comparatively quiet and the focus of this place is traditional Thai entertainment. This entertainment encompasses the Tiffany show with transsexuals in incredible costumes.  It is also a time where you can get to eat the delicious seafood buffet at Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel.

The gay scene is also vibrant in this area and you can also have a glimpse of the same. It is more specific around Boys Town and it centres in the gat go-go bars. The experience can even be better if you choose to stay at a great Pattaya beach resort.

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There is so much that you can do during the day and most people can have fun visiting the beaches. At night, you can spend your time at the Holiday Inn Pattaya best beach resort. Water sports are a big attraction in this place and you can spend the best time in this place.